Congratulations All Passers

Frederick Sales

Frederick Sales, RN, CRN, MSN, MAN, HAAD-RN, USRN

University of La Salette
New York Board of Nursing

Januela Mosqueda-Macatangay

Januela Eunice Mosqueda-Macatangay RN, SCFHS, OMSB, QCHP-RN

Joana Yasay

Joana Yasay RN, USRN

Trinity University of Asia
Texas Board of Nursing

Jocelyn de Vera

Jocelyn de Vera RN, QCHP-RN, USRN

Aquinas University of Legazpi
NMI Board of Nursing

Kristel Mae

Kristel Mae RN, USRN

West Visayas State University
Illinois Board of Nursing

Mervin Lopez

Mervin Lopez RN, USRN

Central Luzon Doctor’s Hospital Educational Institution
New York Board of Nursing

Rhomyrose Campana

Romyrose Campana RN, HAAD-RN, USRN

Tarlac State University
Texas Board of Nursing

Richard Lu Reponte

Richard Lu Reponte RN, USRN

Brokenshire College
Michigan Board of Nursing
CGFNS Qualifying Exam Passer & Visascreen Certified

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