NCLEX RN Exam Application

NCLEX-RN & NCLEX-PN Exam Application


The National Council Licensure Examination or popularly known as the NCLEX is a nationwide exam for the nurse who intends to become a licensed nurse in the United States or in Canada. There are two types of examination: NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. Passing the examination will result in the issuance of your license from a specific board of nursing where your application was submitted. The NCLEX-RN will be for those who intend to become a registered nurse and NCLEX-PN will be for those who want to become a registered practical nurse.

There are 50 states in the USA and there are 55 state boards. For the internationally-educated nurse, one must comply with the necessary documents to be approved for the application. Different boards of nursing will have their respective requirements. It is important to know if one is eligible to proceed with the application prior to the submission of the requirements to avoid costly mistakes and to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

IPASS Processing has assisted thousands of nurses in the application of NCLEX-RN. We also provide assistance for the NCLEX-PN licensure examination. Aside from Filipinos, IPASS Processing has assisted other foreign nationalities on their licensure application. Our holistic assistance starts for Step -1, assessing your credentials for free, up until the scheduling of your desired examination date, and preferred test center location.

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for assisting me with my NCLEX-RN application, it was never an easy journey for me but the team supported me all the way! I’d like to thank all the staff for being approachable, accomodating, friendly, and professional. You guys are superb in providing smooth and hassle-free services for us nurses working abroad. Again, thank you so much IPASS for making my dreams come true! With IPASS you will never go wrong.Ren Tarnate, RN, NCLEX-Passer

VISA Screen

Visascreen Application (Nurses & MedTech)


Visascreen is a comprehensive screening service for medical professionals. This screening process is required to be completed before a foreign national healthcare worker can receive either a permanent or temporary employment visa.

  1. An evaluation of an applicant’s education to ensure that it is comparable to that of a U.S. graduate in the same profession.
  2. A verification that all health care professional licenses that an applicant ever held are valid and without restrictions.
  3. An English language proficiency examination is needed (TOEFL or ILETS).
  4. For registered nurses, who passed CGFNS Qualifying exam or NCLEX RN must be verified.

VisaScreen processing can only be started if a nurse already passed the NCLEX examination or has passed the CGFNS Qualifying Examination. For a foreign medical technologist, one must have also passed their United States Licensure Examination which is the ASCP or the ASCPi.

The Visacreen certificate is not state-specific. It means to say that you can use your VisaScreen Certificate regardless of which state in the USA one will be deployed by his/her recruitment agency. The processing timeframe for the procedure varies on which board of nursing/licensing authority issued your license. It is valid for 5 years too. This document must be presented by the healthcare professional during his/her USA embassy interview.

IPASS Processing has assisted thousands of nurses and medical technologists for the application of the Visascreen.

Thank you so much IPASS Processing and team! From my NCLEX application, license endorsement, VisaScreen, and NMI license renewal, you are there all the way. I never expected that my NMI license will be renewed in less than 3 months. I thought I had to wait for 4-6 months. Once again, thank you.Joan Ong, RN, NCLEX-Passer

USA License Endorsement

USA License Endorsement


License by endorsement is a procedure to acquire authority to practice as a nurse in another state not of where one was initially licensed. It will be done for those nurses who are licensed to work as Registered Nurses within the United States but are applying for licensure to be eligible to work in another state or jurisdiction.

The RN License Endorsement Application is normally comprised of the accompanying stages:

  1. Pre-endorsement (Credential Evaluation Verification).
  2. Endorsement Application.

This process is usually advised by the recruitment agency when it has already determined the state where the nurse will be deployed. The processing timeframe and the processing fee will vary depending on which state board the initial license will be endorsed.

Unlike the initial application for the license through examination or the NCLEX, the applicant who wishes to be assisted for license endorsement will no longer sit for the exam. The status of both states will remain to be active.

IPASS Processing has assisted thousands of nurses for the license endorsement application. A huge number of endorsed licensed are to the states of Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, and many other state boards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank IPASS Processing for helping me in the endorsement of my license to another state. Kudos to all the staff who were very approachable during the processing. Would definitely recommend them. May God bless you always! “Dreams would become reality” with the help of IPASS Processing.Jan-Michael Nones, RN, NCLEX-Passer

USA Score Transfer

USA NCLEX Score Transfer


USA Score Transfer application is almost the same with license endorsement in the sense that a nurse applying for this procedure will have another license from another jurisdiction. The difference though is that it will be the NCLEX scores coming from the initial state boards which will be transferred to another state board.

The processing timeframe and the processing fee will vary depending on which state board the initial license will be transferred. With the NCLEX score transfer procedure, the initial license will no longer be active. This process is usually advised by the recruitment agency when it has already determined the state where the nurse will be deployed.

USA License Renewal

USA Nurse License Renewal


License Renewal can be done every 2 years depending on the Board of Nursing regulations. In order to work in the United States, they need to acquire an active license.

Each state’s BON establishes the specific procedures you must follow for the periodic renewal of your nursing license.

  1. Continuing Education Requirements some Board of Nursing will require CEUs especially if the license is expired.
  2. Along with CEU’s requirements, the Board of Nursing may also require practice hours to keep the license active and qualify for standard RN license renewal.

It is important to note that the initial license may not have the 2 years or 3 years validity period because a specific state board follows certain procedures in relation to the validity of your initial license. It is highly recommended to maintain an active license and to renew the license in a timely manner. Renewing an expired license will be more expensive.

CGFNS Qualifying Exam Application

CGFNS Qualifying Exam Application


The CGFNS Qualifying Exam is a prerequisite in some states for licensure. Only to some, and not to all state boards. CGFNS Certification Program is also a three-part program that consists of:

  1. Credential review.
  2. The CGFNS Qualifying Exam.
  3. Passing one of the accepted English language proficiency examinations.

The CGFNS Qualifying examination uses the same blueprint as the NCLEX. Examination dates are also provided with certain cut off dates. The number of the examination dates will not be as much as the NCLEX examination dates which are being administered on a weekly basis.

New York Pass Letter Requisition

New York Pass Letter Requisition


New York Board of Nursing will not automatically issue a pass letter/ NCSBN candidate report form unlike other boards of nursing. This document needs to be requested from the board of nursing. This will also be required by your recruitment agency during your employment application processing.

Your pass letter document contains your personal details and a statement that you passed your NCLEX examination. The processing timeframe for requesting the pass letter from the New York Board of Nursing is around 1 month. Once received, kindly keep this document in your files because it is important.

UWORLD Discounted Subscription

UWorld Discounted Subscription


UWORLD is an online review, and it’s a high-level of difficulty practice question bank where it is a 1 stop learning resource where you have all the information you need to master NCLEX concepts.

This online review product is widely recommended by our previous passers. We have a discounted subscription for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

When to use uworld: It’s really up to your choice because different individuals have different learning styles. Some may want to start with the in-depth concept from the nursing book prior to getting a subscription. For some, they learn best with the online review product alone. So, the decision relies on you.

PRC License Renewal

PRC License Renewal

One of the main requirements that nurses need to comply with the NCLEX Application is the PRC License verification. But in order for us to process, your license must be active 7 months prior to the expiration of your license. License Verification cannot be processed if it is expired. Renewal of license must be done first before proceeding with license verification.

Dubai Exam Application

Dubai Exam Application


DHA or Dubai Health Authority Exam is a licensing exam for medical professionals, who are interested to work in Dubai health/medical facilities.

Dubai Exam Application


DOH-Abu Dhabi licensing exam will be for me medical professionals who are interested to work in Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Exam Application

Saudi Exam Application


Prometric Examination for Nurses is a well-known exam for Saudi Council. Foreign-educated nurses who are seeking better employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Dataflow Application

Saudi Dataflow Application


The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) uses the DataFlow Group’s particularly the Primary Source Verification (PSV) they are the one who supervises and evaluates training programs, as well as sets controls and standards for the practice of health professions.

Dataflow Processing

Dataflow Application


Dataflow is responsible for checking the authenticity of the client’s documents especially the COE, School Credentials, Professional License, and they somehow require Good Standing.

Oman Exam Application

Oman Exam Application


Just like the Saudi Exam application, it is under the Prometric Examination. For foreign-educated nurses who are seeking better employment in the Oman Medical Specialty Board, you need to take this examination.

Oman Dataflow

Oman Dataflow


To ensure the authenticity of the documents they need to undergo Dataflow and verify their credentials such as; COE or Certificate of Employment, Professional License and College Credentials

Qater Exam Application

Qatar Exam Application


The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners provides computer-based examination (Prometric) for 15 categories of healthcare practitioners. The qualifying exam is considered to be one of the requirements for registration / licensing of healthcare practitioners to ensure the efficiency and the eligibility of applicants to work safely in the State of Qatar.

New Roadmap To NCLEX

Roadmap To NCLEX New Version


Our new edition of Roadmap to NCLEX 2020 provides a more detailed discussion on high probability topics for your examination:

  1. A lot more comprehensive and elaborate. Most trending topics within all concepts especially from the test takers. Some topics from the previous RoadMap are reconciled accordingly.
  2. Very consistent with theory and practice in the US. Remember that passing rates for a US graduate is high as ever because they can relate theory to practice easily from nursing schools to working as an RN.
  3. Sample questions applied each concept with rationale.
  4. Prioritization and delegation explained.
  5. Safety goals elaborated.
  6. Basic anatomy and Physiology each concept.
  7. Side notes to easily understand concepts. If it says “remember”, that means you need to.
  8. The ABCs in EKG rhythms explained with management.
  9. More mnemonics, more improved diagrams, more images.
  10. The “versus”. The most compare and contrast tabular with images presentations to each concepts ex. COPDs, bowel disorders, Cushing’s & Addison’s, hypers and hypos, etc. Psychiatric disorders, neuropsychiatric emergencies (NMS, autonomic dysreflexia, neurogenic shock), etc.
  11. More improved and more comprehensive cheat sheets or summaries for normal values, diets, positioning, classic signs, sample calculation, etc.
  12. More bulk is more content. Definitely more comprehensive but still very simplified. Do not limit your options as NCLEX is limitless, always GO for a better one.


We have received excellent feedback of the old version of the Roadmap to NCLEX from our passers, and that’s why Jay Padong, previously an IPASS Reviewer, instructor, who is now in the USA and working as a nurse, went beyond to add more beneficial information to assist you in your NCLEX review. With 421 pages, glossy, colored, more detailed information, the team believes that this tool will be very helpful for you.


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