New Roadmap To NCLEX Reviewer


New Roadmap To NCLEX Reviewer

Introducing to you the NEW Roadmap to NCLEX. A well thought 421-page guide comprising what is NCLEX and high probability topics using images and strategies for your examination. It took a year to craft this reviewer and we give all the credits to Jay Padong!

The good reviews of the users of the old version of Roadmap to NCLEX (a 126-page reviewer) pushed and motivated Sir Jay Padong to add more concepts to this new version. Glossy, colored, with details on the front and the back of the page.

Way better Roadmap!

1. A lot more comprehensive and elaborate. Most trending topics within all concepts especially from the test takers. Some topics from the previous RoadMap are reconciled accordingly.

2. Hands-on experience applied. Very consistent with theory and practice in the US. Remember that the passing rate for US graduates is high as ever because they can relate theory to practice easily from nursing schools to working as an RN.

3. Sample questions applied each concept with rationale.

4. Prioritization and delegation explained. Remember that being RN in the US requires clinical judgment. You can utilize this judgment from prioritizing.

5. Safety goals elaborated. USRN practice is all about safety!!!

6. Basic anatomy and Physiology each concept

7. Side notes to easily understand concepts. If it says “remember”, that means you need to.

8. The ABCs in EKG rhythms explained with management

9. More mnemonics, more improved diagrams, more images to easily remember important topics.

10. The “versus”. Compare and contrast tabular presentations with images to each concept. This is to easily distinguish diseases/disorders from one to the other. This also reconciles misconceptions.
Ex. COPDs, bowel disorders, Cushing’s & Addison’s, hypers and hypos, etc. Psychiatric disorders, neuropsychiatric emergencies (NMS, autonomic dysreflexia, neurogenic shock), etc.

11. More improved and more comprehensive cheat sheets or summaries for normal values, diets, positioning, classic signs, sample calculation, etc.

12. More bulk is more content. Definitely more comprehensive but still very simplified.

Do not limit your options as NCLEX is limitless, always GO for a better one.

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