NCLEX Application

There are 50 states is the USA and not all those Board of Nursing will not approve you for the examination because we need to assess first your credentials as to which Board you will be approved. Applying for the Board of Nursing can be complicated, but with IPASS Processing’s assistance, you only need to submit your credentials to us ONLINE and our highly-skilled professional processing officers will do the work for you. Instead of researching the step by step application, you can focus and dedicate your time for your exam review while waiting for your approval.

Visascreen Application

After you passed the NCLEX, your next requirement will be your visascreen. IPASS Processing provides a convenient and hassle free application. To selected boards of nursing, in at least 3 months you will already be certified.

USA License Endorsement /Score Transfer Application

If you already passed the NCLEX, and wish to endorse your US license to another state, there is no need to sit for the NCLEX again. We will assist you for your license reciprocity/license endorsement for you to get your license number for another state. The same as the NCLEX, the processing can be taxing and complicated, therefore it is best to trust the experts to handle your procedure and just wait for the issuance of your another license.

CGFNS Qualifying Exam Application Assistance

Apart from the NCLEX, there are Boards of Nursing whose requirement prior to the approval of the NCLEX is the submission of the CGFNS Certificate. If you need assistance for this exam, IPASS Processing can definitely assist you all throughout the procedure. Once you have the certificate we can proceed with your NCLEX application too.

PASS Letter Requisition

New York Board of Nursing’s pass letter will not automatically be issued to the NCLEX passer after passing the NCLEX. IPASS Processing can request for your pass letter in your behalf. The pass letter will be one of the requirements by your recruitment agency.

DOH- Exam Application - Abu Dhabi Exam Application